Why the flute is an instrument that people should try

Why the flute is an instrument that people should try

My friends encouraged me to learn an additional musical instrument so that I could expand my musical skillset.

So then I thought to myself, “Why don’t I learn to play the flute?”

As a result, I bought a flute, started practicing it, and eventually learned the basics of playing it.

Learning how to play the flutist is a lot of fun, and it’s easy to take anywhere and use.

For anyone interested in trying their hand at an ancient musical tool, they should choose a flute because it is the oldest musical tool still in use.

Learning to play the flute has both advantages and disadvantages.

However, once you master it, you’ll find yourself enjoying it.

A flute player can currently be found playing in chamber music, orchestras, Wind groups, military bands, and even marching bands.

Here are some of the reasons why you might want to learn to be able to perform the flute.

The flute is an instrument that is used everywhere

Why the flute is an instrument that people should try
Playing the Flute in an Orchestra

One of the flute’s most important characteristics is its ability to be used for so many different types of music.

You could play in any musical group if you’re a flute player.

For example, with other musical instruments, this doesn’t usually happen.

Because of this, as an instrumentalist the flute allows you to play many different types of music.

As previously mentioned, the flutist may play in any kind of band, including jazz, marching, orchestra, military band, etc.

It gives you a wide range of options for using your musical talents.

Practicing the flute provides you with a “full-body workout”

Learning to play the flute involves using your whole body.

To be able to play it properly, you need to have an appropriate posture.

Secondly, because you need to breathe in and out frequently when playing it, it helps develop your lungs.

And you’ll need core strength if you want to be able to practice it correctly.

Thirdly, because you will be using your fingers to perform the chords correctly, you will improve your hand coordination and finger dexterity.

Besides, practicing the flute helps improve your focus.

Playing the flute will help you develop your whole body.

The flute is one of the more convenient instruments to play

As a musician, I know how difficult it is to travel with an instrument when your group is touring.

However, as opposed to guitars, for example, the flutes are easier to carry.

So, when I decided to study the flute instead of the guitar, I knew it would take less effort to carry.

If you’re a flutist, then you won’t have any difficulty carrying your instrument anywhere you want.

Its small size makes it one of the most portable and easily transportable musical instruments.

So, your bandmates, especially the trombonist, will envy your flute-carrying ability.

It will help improve your body’s coordination

Improved focus and concentration are one of the perks of playing the flute.

You need to coordinate your hand movements, mouth position, hearing, and eye movements when playing.

You must also be able to use your muscle groups properly in order to be successful at playing it.

When blowing into the flute, you need sharp eyes to see where exactly you’re putting your fingers.

You must play with the fingers of both hands at the same time while blowing into the flute’s opening.

You can practice your reflexes and develop good body coordination in general.

It can help you relax and improve your breathing technique

woman playing the flute
Woman playing the flute

Playing the flute will become easier if you practice breathing correctly.

If you want to blow through the mouthpiece, you’ll also require lots of oxygen.

So when you play the flute for an hour every day, you’re giving your lung muscles a workout – just by breathing in and out through your mouth!

When exercising through breathing exercises, your body gets oxygenated because there is more air entering and exiting your lungs.

Similarly, listening to music on the flute might be able to calm your nerves and ease your stress.

It has a calm and soothing tone to it. And, if you play the flute, you can unwind and relax.

It makes the transition to other wind instruments super easy!

various wind instruments
A collection of various Wind instruments – These are the brass ones

One additional benefit of playing the flute is the ability to easily transition to other musical instrument types.

There are several instruments whose fingering patterns are similar to those of the flutes, so if you’re already familiar with playing the flutes, you can easily learn to play them.

If you’re familiar with playing the flute, you might be able to learn to play the saxophone for example.